CrossTimbers Camp Program
The CrossTimbers Summer Program has 4 main facets; Missions Education, Camp Activities, Chapel Times, and Tribes.  As you scroll down this page you’ll find information on all of these areas of camp.

Along with these elements your week at camp will also have lodging and meals provided.  For more information about what the camp fees cover visit the registration page.

Missions Education

At it’s birth Crosstimbers once was a Royal Ambassadors camp. As the camp evolved it placed a strong emphasis on missions education and this is something that continues to be one of the  foundational elements of this camp.

Camp staffers will share about personal mission experiences they have experienced and the experiences of others.  We work hard to educate campers on the evangelistic work that is going on in our state, country and world.  Because a classroom experience isn’t exactly what kids are looking for at camp we work hard to incorporate cultural practices, games and activities, crafts, language, and food and drink tasting as a way to live, and break up the teaching time.

Camp Activities

What is camp without some fun while you’re there? CrossTimbers provides a ropes course, target sports and water activities. Program staffers are trained, and even certified when needed, to provide a fun and safe environment at camp. Sponsors will not be required to work the activities but may be called on, by the staff, to assist with certain aspects of activities.


One very unique element of CrossTimbers is that each child is put into a small group for the week.  These groups are divided up by age and gender and lead by summer staffers.  The campers will be with their tribe twice each day and for the evening tribal meeting.

The evening tribal time is a time for campers to share about their great day along with asking questions about the things they have heard.  During this time staffers will work to drive home the daily themes and the main point the pastor made.

Chapel Times

Campers and Sponsors attend chapel in the morning and evening. The staff will provide music, games and skits that focus around a central theme and the camp pastor will share a message. The camp pastor is most often a minister at one of the churches each week.