Church Information

Below you will find important information about camp programming. Click each section to expand it.

Summer Schedule




The summer schedule can be found on the registration page.

Important dates to remember

November 1, 2017, 8:00 a.m., Registration opens online for Crosstimbers 2018

January 1, 2018 Staff Applications Due

February 9-10, 2018 Staff Interviews

March 31, 2018 Last chance to turn back beds

May 1, 2018 Final payment due (Sessions 1-5)

April 30, 2018 – Pre-Camp Meeting for returning churches

May 1, 2018 – Pre-Camp Meeting for new churches at Crosstimbers Camp.

June 1, 2018 Final Payment due (Sessions 6-11)

Camp Forms

Following are the Camper/Sponsor Release Form that should be filled out by all attendees. Please note: There are two separate forms, one for campers (2 pages) and one for adults.

2018 CT Camper Release Form – Page 1

2018 CT Camper Release Form – Page 2

2018 Adult Release Form

CrossTimbers Concessions Form

2018 Medication Authorization Form

This Medication Authorization Form is for churches to use in keeping records of medications that they will be responsible for administering to their campers.


Camp Prep Resources

We provide two camp prep resource books to help our churches prepare for camp. Click on the book names to download a copy. When you are downloading please remember that these are very large files and it make take a few moments for them to load on you computer, to print press CTRL-P and to save press CTRL-S.

  1. 2018 CT Church Guide  – This book is designed to be a guide book for your group leader.
  2. 2018 CT Sponsor Book  – This book is designed to give sponsors the information needed to be prepared or camp.


Daily Schedule

Click below to view the daily 2018 schedule:

2018 Daily Schedule 2

Sponsor Information

We request your sponsor to camper ratio is ONE sponsor for every FIVE campers. Sponsors should be at least 18 years of age and have a successful background check. The topic of sponsors is addressed at length in the church guide and the registration agreement.

Background Checks

CrossTimbers requires each church to perform a criminal background and sex offender check on all sponsors 18 years of age and older attending with their group. CrossTimbers requires all camp sponsors to have a current background check on file at their home church. CrossTimbers and the BGCO define a current background check as no more than 18 months old. Churches will need to present a completed and signed copy of the Background Check Statement of Compliance upon arrival at camp.

Background Check Statement of Compliance

Reputable Background Checking Agencies

Artwork / Graphics

Crosstimbers – 2018 Logo


Click below to download the CT 2018 Poster

CT Promo Poster the road-2018






Bunkmail is our form of camp mail,  because the camp week is so short and technology allows us to do some really cool things we encourage you to promote the use of bunkmail to parents and church members.  Instead of sending letters to kids at camp we have an email address set up for people to email campers.  All you need to do is put the campers first and last name along with the church they are attending camp with in the subject of the email and send it to

Every child wants to get an encouraging letter from a relative or church member. Even our staff would like encouraging notes during the summer. The campers get excited and a glow comes off of their face when they receive Bunkmail. This is a great way for your church to support and encourage children that are coming to camp.

Camp Menu

Meals consist of breakfast, lunch and supper. Day one of camp will consist of two meals while the other days there will be three.

Dietary needs

If a child that is coming to camp has a dietary need, sponsors or parents need to contact the CrossTimbers program office before arriving at camp. The CrossTimbers kitchen staff can provide a special plate for that child. In some cases it would be safe for the parents to send the appropriate food for their child, food can be stored in the kitchen refrigerator and sponsors can monitor the provision of the meal. The CrossTimbers kitchen staff is not trained to prepare foods that support food allergies and cannot be responsible for making accurate decisions that would endanger a child’s health.

Directions to CrossTimbers

The CrossTimbers Camp Ground is located at 5039 Highway 77 South, Davis, OK  73030, but some online map services don’t recognize this address. These grounds can be found approximated 1 mile west of I-35 on Hwy 77 in Davis, OK.

Camp Map


Download a PDF map of the campgrounds.